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3639 Wrigley Rooftop

3639 North Sheffield Avenue

3639 Wrigley Rooftop is our top recommendation for Wrigleyville Rooftops, but you don't have to take our word for it! It's endorsed by the Chicago Cubs, so you know that there is something to this spot. This location was featured in Sporting News as Best of the Best in terms of sports seating, and after watching many games from this prime spot, we are highly inclined to agree. They take as few guests as two or as many as your party holds, and all you've got to do is give them a call at 312.382.9100 for all the details. Note that their dates will fill up very fast for the season, so you'll want to give them a call before they're completely booked!

The 3639 Wrigley Rooftop location is so packed with features that you will not be able to get enough of the place. They've got the best views thanks to their spot in right center field, and with their stadium seating and covered bleachers, you never have to worry about comfort. They have a ton of televisions here, more than forty of them! All ranging in size from a more than adequate 35" to a truly spectacular 60". We especially love the TV that's in the floor. Now that's a really unique feature that you're not going to see just anywhere.

Of course there's an elevator for your convenience and also for those who are disabled to access the facility. For your ultimate comfort, the club room is climate controlled so you don't have to worry about the weather outside affecting your good time. There are multiple areas here, both indoor and outdoor, so you can hang out and have fun even if a storm is brewing! When it is sunny you'll enjoy the grilling outdoors, and you'll also enjoy the convenience of having restrooms on three separate levels so you never find yourself waiting in a long line.

We saved the best for last... catering is included in the price of your seats! Believe it or not, you get to enjoy some of the best tasting food at no additional cost. There's no question why they have been rated Best of the Best by Sporting News! And for business customers, you'll love the fact that you can take advantage of their private meeting spaces with audio and video capabilities. There is no limit to the bonuses and features that this company provides for your entertainment and business needs.

One of the things that we appreciate the most about 3639 Wrigley Rooftop is that they offer special group discounts and special value dates, which you will especially enjoy taking advantage of when you are traveling with a party bus company. We recommend Party Bus Chicago for all your group travel needs, because nobody in the city provides better party bus travel for your sporting events and nights on the town! They're just incredible.

When you are traveling with a group, you'll really appreciate the fact that 3639 Wrigley Rooftop offers special group planning services with experts who really know how to put together an event for you. It doesn't matter if you're planning a personal get together to celebrate with your friends, or a business outing to get away from the office for a bit, the crew at 3639 will help you to make it one of the most memorable times you ever have.

We don't want to list exact prices on this page because they do fluctuate with market conditions, but the prices that they charge for this incredible stadium seating are just so affordable! Especially when you look at all the wonderful features that you receive with that ticket. They even allow you to pay by credit card for the ultimate convenience, and that is something that really makes a big difference for those of us who don't care much for cash. On their website you can view the dates that are available, inquire about specific dates, fill out a reservation form, and contact them for more information.

Parking is not provided by the company, but there are many paid parking lots in the area around this location so you won't have trouble finding a spot. However, we do recommend that you travel with Party Bus Chicago so that you won't have to worry about traffic or parking at all. If you're wondering about their hours, 3639 Wrigley Rooftop opens an hour prior to the game and closes a half an hour after the game. You can gain entrance on the south side of the building, from Sheffield Avenue and the back alley.

Should there be a rain-out, you'll get a full credit to apply to any other game (this is subject to availability), but they do not offer refunds. If the rain-out takes place after everyone has already arrived at the rooftop, rather than a refund or a credit, you'll instead be able to enjoy their delicious catering for three hours from the scheduled game time. So it's a win-win situation no matter what!

They do not accept payments toward the full amount, rather you do have to make the payment in full at the time of booking. You'll want to note that they do not allow hanging over-sized banners from the rooftop, so you'll have to show your support for your favorite team in another way! We say our presence is more than enough. Banners or not, it's always a fun time on this rooftop!

If you'd like to continue browsing our pages about Wrigleyville Rooftops, please use the navigation bar to check out the other locations in the area. If you've decided that 3639 Wrigley Rooftop is the one for you, then just give them a call right now at 312.382.9100 to secure the desired dates! We also recommend Party Bus Chicago for all your travel needs (read our full review of their company here), and they can be reached at 312.725.2871. Thanks for visiting!


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