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Beyond the Ivy

1010 Waveland Avenue (Largest of three locations, holds 200 guests)

Beyond the Ivy has three different historic rooftops to choose from in Chicago's Wrigleyville area so that you can take your pick from the best spots to watch the Cubs play. These rooftops are located at 1010 Waveland Avenue, 1038 Waveland Avenue, and 1048 Waveland Avenue. The first location is the largest and they can accommodate up to 200 guests at this location, so for your larger events including weddings and corporate events, that one will be your best bet. That also happens to be the one that we are talking about on this page! The other locations have their own special features, including a very modern club-like ambiance at the 1038 Waveland location and a more classic historic feel with granite, wood, and marble decor at the 1048 Waveland location. The choice is yours, but the three things that they all have in common are incredible views of the game, delicious food and drink, and outstanding service.

All of the Beyond the Ivy locations can easily accommodate as few as one or two people or as many as a large wedding or corporate event would require! The largest location, again, is this one at 1010 Waveland, which can hold 200 guests. They often have special packages to help you save money, including packages such as one that they're offering at the time of this writing (please note this may not be valid by the time you read this) with all games starting at just $125.00! Where else can you find prices like that? And that includes even Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees games. This is the kind of stellar service that few companies other than Beyond the Ivy can provide.

Everything at all of the Beyond the Ivy locations is all inclusive, including your meals, snacks, and beverages! The appetizers that they offer include the classic Chicago style hot dogs that everybody loves, plus delicious Italian sausages or Sheboygan bratwursts, and even delicious quadrilles and jumbo chicken wings! They truly have it all. For your side dishes they offer potato salad, chips, and seasonal fruit and vegetable salads. For the main entree you will enjoy gourmet hamburgers, cheeseburgers, grilled chicken breast sandwiches, hickory smoked pulled pork, veggie burgers, and more. The desserts are typically trays of freshly baked cookies or freshly baked gourmet brownies. And they offer a wide array of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including domestic and premium beers, California wines, soft drinks, and bottled water. Please note that alcoholic beverages are served through the 7th inning.

Something that everybody always loves is the custom apparel that they offer here too, emblazoned with the Beyond the Ivy logo! You can order jerseys, t-shirts, and baseball caps! You can order it all very easily on the website and then you and your guests can enjoy wearing your apparel when it's delivered free to the game. There's no better way to show your support of Chicago sports than by hanging out on the rooftop of Beyond the Ivy wearing some of their high quality custom apparel! And your friends will absolutely love the gifts! Or share the cost with everyone and you'll save a ton of money. The choice is yours.

Let's go ahead and talk about some of the biggest perks of getting stadium seating at the 1010 Waveland Beyond the Ivy location! They're known for going big with all things that they do, from their huge comfortable bleachers to their enormous bars! Everything is super sized and so comfy here. Where else are you going to find a sky box that's totally private and yet can hold as many as 200 of your guests? No where else, that's where! And when you add in the fact that the food and drinks are included, you know that you are really being treated to something special. Of course the view of Wrigley Field is the biggest selling point of all, and without that you wouldn't be there in the first place! But when you combine all those amazing features, you have a truly incredible night on the town that includes watching the greatest sporting events that Chicago has to offer. Enough said.

On the rooftop you'll be able to enjoy their incredibly huge beer garden, and though you're up there on the roof you'll still have plenty of shady spots to get out of the sun and stay cool. There are two enormous bars there, with each one dedicated solely to their specialty, one to food and one to drinks. This of course results in much faster service for you and all your guests. The view from the rooftop is simply amazing, and the skybox style seating is part of what makes that so spectacular. The chairs are bar height, and they have ledges for your food and drinks so that you don't find yourself having to balance it all on your lap. These are the perks that are worth paying for! And of course, for your convenience, there are impressive marble and granite restrooms nearby.

In the clubhouse, you will enjoy all the HD televisions that are spread throughout the premises, as well as two more indoor bars for your enjoyment of food and drinks! They have a really noteworthy meeting space for their business customers, which includes presentation space for your needs. The free wi-fi is another bonus for both business and personal customers. Everyone appreciates that. There's plenty of space here for your private parties including birthdays and bachelor parties or any other occasion that you can dream up, and you'll be able to enjoy the balcony that overlooks the park as well. Of course the fact that the interior space is climate controlled is a huge bonus when the weather is nothing short of sweltering!

We've tried to provide you with as much information as we can on all of the Beyond the Ivy locations, and most especially the one that this page is dedicated to at 1010 Waveland Avenue. If you need further information, or if you're ready to reserve your space there at Beyond the Ivy, you can give them a call directly at 847.720.7912. We also recommend that you take advantage of the group travel services of Party Bus Chicago (read our complete review of their business right here), and you can reach them at 312.725.2871. With those two companies together, you'll have a night on the town unlike any other!


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