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Brixen Ivy

1044 Waveland Avenue

Brixen Ivy has been called Chicago's #1 Cubs Rooftop many times, and there is absolutely no question why. Their facility and services are both simply out of this world, and we can personally attest to that because as huge Cubs fans, we have taken advantage of those services many times! We've enjoyed rooftops all over the Wrigleyville area but this one is definitely near the top of the list and we hope that you get a chance to find out why for yourself. We'd love to tell you some of the reasons that we are so in love with Brixen Ivy, and why we recommend that you celebrate all your big events with them plus transportation from Party Bus Chicago. Let's talk a bit about that.

Brixen Ivy was in fact the very first Wrigleyville Rooftop, so the first thing we have to mention is that if you haven't visited Brixen Ivy since prior to 2009, you may be in for a wonderful surprise. Their rooftop went through some extensive renovations at that time, and we think you'll be really blown away by all the new features. The decor is just the beginning. Their new functions enable you to socialize with much more ease (for instance, new comfortable seating arrangements in the bar area and dining areas where you can converse easily), and great spaces for business customers that enable you to have great meetings and networking events that feel more like celebrations than work!

Due to the fact that Brixen Ivy was the first, and out of concern for the fact that many of the newer companies have very similar names, some customers have been confused by the competition's marketing and have booked their parties with other companies by mistake. We recommend that you call them directly at 773.472.7889 so that there is no confusion. If you're looking for the kind of "traditional meets modern" Cubs game experience that only Brixen Ivy can provide, then you don't want to take chances with any other company.

Whether you are with a private party or a corporate group, you'll certainly want to take advantage of all the space that this incredible location has to offer. They have incredible areas throughout, including several different bar areas, several private decks, and several exclusive entertainment areas. When it comes to your entertainment, we do believe that Brixen Ivy is your best bet out of all of the Wrigleyville rooftops that there are to choose from.

Not only is the entertainment superb at this rooftop, but they also have a heart for our beautiful city, and they always give a full quarter of their profits to charities and organizations that make our city better. These charities and organizations include after school programs, educational scholarships, and organizations that support our military and their families. Not only can you have a really amazing time on the rooftop with all your good friends and family, but you can know that you are doing a good thing for the world while you do so. That's a win-win situation if we've ever heard of one.

If you're wondering what your ticket price actually pays for, it includes that incredible view of the game, all the food you can enjoy, and all the drinks you need to quench your thirst. Many ask what their rules are on alcohol since they serve both beer and wine, and the only real rule is that they are required by law to stop serving anyone who appears to have had a bit too much. They serve alcohol through the end of the 7th inning, and you will also be able to enjoy many delicious nonalcoholic beverages throughout the game, from beginning to end. The grill is also turned off at the end of the 7th inning, but the food generally lasts far into the 8th inning. If you're curious about dessert, they serve it during the 5th inning.

Speaking of all that wonderful food, the catering menu includes quarter pounder gourmet hamburgers and cheeseburgers with your choice of pepper jack of American cheese (yum!). They also have wonderful red hots here, and Polish sausages too! One of our favorite things is the Italian sausage with grilled peppers and onions, plus zesty marinara sauce and delicious fresh mozzarella cheese. If you love delicious chicken breast sandwiches as much as we do, they offer those as well, and delicious non-soy veggie burgers for the vegetarian and vegan crowd too. The fresh offerings include delicious bowtie pasta with berry vinaigrette, russet potato salad with peppers and asparagus (including a really noteworthy champagne vinaigrette), fruit salad (subject to seasonal availability), veggie trays, and lots of delicious bags of chips to choose from too! For dessert they typically serve fresh chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate and caramel brownies (their signature dessert!), and plenty of ice cream!

One of the things that we think is so fun is that Brixen Ivy offers custom merchandise on the premises, including Cubs hats and t-shirts with the exclusive Brixen Ivy logo. They have a special link on their website for group discounts on these items, and they deliver free to the rooftop so you and all your friends can enjoy your new threads and accessories! Definitely one of the most fun ways to celebrate those fun sports-related occasions, and who doesn't love team gear?

We strongly recommend that you consider group transportation provided by Party Bus Chicago! We have worked with them many times in the past several years to put together amazing trips, and they can work in tandem with the team at Brixen Ivy to put together a party that you will never forget. Whether it's corporate, personal, or some mixture in between, you can rest assured that both companies will serve you well. You can reach Party Bus Chicago at 312.725.2871, read their full review here, and reach Brixen Ivy at 773.472.7889. We wish you a wonderful trip and a great experience with Brixen Ivy!


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