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Ivy League Baseball Club

3637 Sheffield Avenue

Ivy League Baseball Club is Wrigleyville's only five level rooftop, and it's the only level with three separate indoor lounges! They have private space available for up to fifty people, and their rooftop features incredible extra wide seats for the ultimate in comfort. All levels offer sixteen brands of delicious draft beer, and they have a commercial elevator accessing all levels. Business customers will appreciate their state of the art facility and the meeting space and presentation space! They really have thought of it all at this location, and when it comes to Wrigleyville rooftops to watch the Chicago Clubs play, we think Ivy League Baseball Club is one of the best.

Ivy League Baseball Club is one of the newest rooftops in the Wrigleyville area, giving you one of the very best views of Wrigley Field, plus all the amenities that you expect and then some! This is the only five level rooftop establishment in the area, so that alone is enough reason to consider this place above all others, and the fact that it's both indoor and outdoor makes a big difference too, especially when it's just far too hot outside, or if it's rainy and stormy on game day. There are over 12,000 square feet of space for you and your party to enjoy. Of course with that many levels to enjoy, you don't want to have to run up and down many flights of stairs to get where you want to go within Ivy League Baseball Club, and that's why they feature a luxurious commercial elevator to take you from floor to floor.

The view of the field is just incredible, since the building is located in the center of right field. Many say that this is the best view of Wrigley Field in comparison to all the other rooftops in the area. Whereas other rooftops were put on old buildings to capitalize on the current rooftop craze, this entire building was built for this purpose in 2010. Needless to say, it's the safest, most sturdy, most comfortable rooftop that you could ever choose to watch the game from. Note that if you book a private party at the Diamond Suite or Legend Suite, you will have the opportunity to book your own private outdoor section of the stadium seating, subject to availability.

Since there are three separate indoor lounges, you don't have to rent the entire space out for smaller parties, and can simply choose whichever lounge fits your needs best. For business customers, each lounge features all the audio visual equipment that you may need for your presentations, and all the business features that you would require too. Each bar is full service, with sixteen kinds of premium draft beer for your enjoyment. No other Wrigleyville rooftop offers this many different choices when it comes to draft beer. They also have plenty of different premium wines to choose from.

The full list of draft beers, wines, and soft drinks available is: Amstel Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite, Heineken, Fat Tire, Leinenkugel's Seasonal Brew, Peroni, Blue Moon, Sam Adams Lager, Sam Adams Seasonal, Dos Equis, Newcastle Brown Ale, Hacker-Pschorr Hefe Weisse, Modelo, Magic Hat #9, Miller High Life, Burgundy Red Wine, Chardonnay, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Tropical Lemonade, Lipton Iced Tea, and Mountain Dew.

diamond suite & legends suite menu

Of course, it's not just great drinks that come with your ticket price. They also have some truly mouth watering food for you to choose from! Their appetizers include meatballs and marinara, Wisconsin cheese and sausage platters, breaded cheese ravioli, crudites, breaded chicken tenders, and cheese and bacon potato skins. Your guests will really enjoy noshing on those great hors d'oeuvres while they mingle and enjoy the space.

The main course options are traditional steakhouse (Caesar salad, green salad, peppercorn beef tenderloin, honey thyme glazed turkey, garlic parsley whipped potatoes, and bistro steamed vegetables), tex-mex fajita bar (lime garlic skirt steak with fajita fixings, chipotle honey glazed turkey, tamales, smoked beef brisket quesadillas, cilantro lime rice, black bean corn salad, and nacho bar), all American barbecue (green salad, smoked beef brisket, bbq pulled pork, Wisconsin cheddar macaroni and cheese, cornbread with maple butter, Texas coleslaw, and pretzel dinner rolls), and taste of Italy (antipasto platter, caesar salad, cavatappi pasta with pesto, marinara, olive oil, and garlic, garlic rosemary chicken over sauteed spinach, and picatta pork loin with lemon caper sauce). That's an incredible menu if we ever saw one.

Their delicious desserts include chocolate confusion cake, classic carrot cake, soft serve ice cream cones in chocolate, vanilla, and swirl, blizzards with toppings, frozen slushies in cherry, raspberry, and lemon flavors, assorted cookies, and fresh seasonal fruit.

diamond suite & legends suite menu

If you have not reserved space in the Diamond suite or Legends Suite and you'll instead be partying in the Stadium Club Suite and on the rooftop, your appetizer menu will consist of cheese pizza, sausage pizza, pepperoni pizza, and potato chips. Your main course options will be grilled hamburgers, cheese burgers, veggie burgers, chicken breast sandwiches, hot dogs, Wisconsin style bratwurst, Italian sausage, Italian beef, pasta salad, and potato salad. And your desserts will consist of soft serve ice cream cones in chocolate, vanilla, and swirl, blizzards with toppings, frozen slushies in cherry, blue raspberry, and lemon, assorted cookies, and fresh seasonal fruit. The menu is considerably pared down from the Diamond Suite and Legend Suite menu, but still really delicious and very much old school Chicago style! We love it.

As you can see, watching the Chicago Cubs play from the Ivy League Baseball Club can be one of the most incredible things that you ever do in the Chicago area. There's simply no other establishment like this, anywhere in the area that we are aware of! We love all the rooftops that are out there and have visited them all, but this one is truly unique and special. The only thing that could possibly make your trip even more fun is to book party bus travel with Party Bus Chicago, and we recommend that you do! Imagine traveling with 16 to 30 of your friends, family, or coworkers to Ivy League Baseball Club! You don't have to worry about directions, traffic, parking, or even having a designated driver! Their professional chauffeurs will get you there safely and the luxurious buses will make you feel like a rockstar on the road. If you'd like to contact Party Bus Chicago for more information, you can call them at 312.725.2871, or check out our complete review of their company right here. Then, when you're ready to purchase your tickets to Ivy League Baseball Club, you can reach them at 773.842.5387. We highly recommend both companies to you!


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