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Lakeview Baseball Club

3633 Sheffield


Lakeview Baseball Club is still open, however it is now a partially obstructed view, blocking home plate.

Lake View Baseball Club is perhaps best known for its famous sign that reads Eamus Catuli, which is of course Latin for Go Cubs! They also have a sign that translates to "In the year of the Cub," with numbers that represent the of years that it's been since the Cubs won a division title, for how long it's been since they won the NL Pennant, and how long it's been since the Cubs won the world series! These are the little touches that make Lake View Baseball Club so special, and everybody loves it for those reasons and so many more. Let's go ahead and talk about all the reasons that it's worth renting space here, and why it's worth choosing this rooftop over all the others for your private parties and corporate events!

We should note right off the bat (so to speak!) that Lakeview Baseball Club is actually a private club, unlike most of the other rooftops in the area, so you will need a membership in order to enjoy that rooftop view. However, the bonus is that the ticket prices are even lower because of it. So it's a trade off, and the customer is definitely the winner! The fact that this is Wrigleyville's oldest rooftop, and the only private club, definitely makes it a standout location. If you can afford a private party like the one that you can have here, then you definitely will not regret choosing Lake View Baseball Club as your party destination!

We especially love the fact that Lake View Baseball Club has no group minimums, so it's perfect for small intimate groups or for large events such as weddings or corporate events. You can customize your event to your needs, and their staff is full of experts who know just how to enable you to do that. Membership at Lake View Baseball Club really opens up your world to new entertainment opportunities. Just imagine having your birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, retirement parties, anniversary parties, and just anytime "no reason" parties! Needless to say, your friends and family will love you for having that membership. Joining is as easy as can be, either via phone at 773.935.1880 (you can reach someone Monday through Friday between 9am-5pm), or you can inquire about membership via email at lvbc@lakeviewbaseballclub.com.

The club holds up to 75 people for off-season events and up to 200 for Cubs game dates. They serve select beers and wines, as well as soft drinks and coffee, and you'll really enjoy their buffet style menu. The appetizers include a soft pretzel station and a nacho bar. The entrees and sides include Chicago style hot dogs, third pound Angus hamburgers and cheeseburgers, Italian beef sandwiches, grilled chicken sandwiches, bbq riblette sandwiches, beer soaked bratwurst, and veggie burgers upon request. The sides include fresh fruit salads, pasta salad, potato salad, and green salads (we especially enjoy the blueberry verde and the Tuscan harvest salads!). Dessert consists of gourmet jumbo cookies and brownies. Yum! And your beverage choices include Heineken on draft, Miller Lite on draft, Coors Light on draft and in cans, Sycamore Lane red and white wines, Pepsi, water, coffee, hot tea, and hot cocoa. Your fees already include the food, beverages, gratuity, and tax, so you don't have to worry about any pesky hidden fees after the fact!

There are different levels of membership at Lake View Baseball Club, so let's go ahead and cover them all so you've got all the information that you need before you even place that call.

individual membership

For most of our readers, this will probably be the ideal membership and the most affordable too. With your individual membership you'll be able to have as many as 34 guests at all open member events (you'll receive three free passes), and you'll be able to make post-season rooftop reservations too. If you're the type of Cubs fan that just wants to come out and enjoy the game, or to entertain smaller groups of friends and family, this membership level will be perfect for you.

non-resident membership

If you happen to live outside of Illinois, you can still get a membership to Lake View Baseball Club! Your membership won't be quite as extensive as the individual memberships for residents, but you can still have as many as 14 guests at open member events, with two free passes, and you can make post-season rooftop reservations too.

executive membership

An executive membership will be perfect for the Cubs fan who wants to entertain small and medium sized groups. You'll be able to invite as many as 79 guests to open member events, with six free passes, and you'll have second priority for post-season rooftop reservations too.

special event membership

We love the special event membership, because it enables people who aren't necessarily Cubs fans to take advantage of all the great events that take place at Lake View Baseball Club. With amenities like they have, you don't need to be a sports fan to enjoy this party space! This membership, like all others, lasts for a year and you'll be able to make reservations for the events that are specifically listed as special events. There are no free passes with this membership, but your tickets will be purchased at a discount.

corporate memberships

Corporate memberships are designed for corporate customers to take full advantage of all of the amenities at Lake View Baseball Club, and so if you purchase this type of membership you'll be able to invite as many as 124 guests to open member events, with ten free passes, and you'll have first priority for post-season rooftop reservations. The biggest perk by far of purchasing a corporate membership is that you can reserve the entire club including the club room and rooftops levels for your exclusive use, and you can even transfer to other people, which is not allowed with any of the other memberships! There are certainly many perks to being a corporate customer!

When you're ready to purchase your membership and tickets to a rooftop event at Lake View Baseball Club, you'll want to have a few pieces of information handy before you call. First, know the date that you want to hold your event. If you are emailing rather than calling, you'll want to make doubly sure that you include all the information that is necessary. They'll require your guest list by noon two business days before your event, and if it is a Saturday or Sunday event, you must have the guest list in by noon on Thursday. You'll need to be at the club when the doors open, and you'll need to be available to management for questions.

Make sure that your guests know the address of the club before coming (3633 North Sheffield), that the doors open an hour before the start of any event unless you have a pre-event meeting, that the club closes an hour after the game i sover, that the dress code is country club or business casual, that no children under the age of ten are allowed, that there's no parking at the club, and that they suggest CTA charters or the Cubs shuttle that runs from the ITT campus on Addison, and that the bleacher seating is first come first serve. The management asks that you have your guest call you with questions rather than calling their office, because they prefer to deal directly with the person who is planning the event (that's you!).

We highly suggest that you plan your Lake View Baseball Club trips with transportation from Party Bus Chicago. Their luxurious buses are the perfect way to party before and after the event, and to not have to worry about a designated driver! If you decide to check out their services, we have a full review of their company right here, or you can just call them directly right now at 312.725.2871. And then when you're ready to purchase your membership and passes to Lake View Baseball Club, you can reach them at 773.935.1880. We know that you'll really enjoy your event there, especially when you combine it with some truly memorable party bus travel!


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