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Wrigleyville Rooftops are the official rooftops of the Chicago Cubs, and when you take your parties to this company, you know that you are going to receive the highest quality service available in the area! They've got three different rooftops for you to choose from, located at 1032 Waveland, 3609 Sheffield, and 3643 Sheffield. For our purposes on this page we'll be talking about the 3643 Sheffield location, but we'll also give you all the information you need about the company in general and the services and features that are provided at all three of their wonderful locations. When you want to watch the Chicago Cubs play at Wrigley Field, you know you can always rely on Wrigleyville Rooftops for the best seats, the most delicious food and drinks, and the overall best time in the area!

Before we launch into the specifics of the 3643 Sheffield location, let's talk a bit about the features that are shared by all three of the Wrigleyville Rooftops locations. We'll list the locations one more time for your information: 1032 Waveland, 3609 Sheffield, and 3643 Sheffield. All three of them are known for the incredible up close view of the field, and as a Chicago Cubs fan you know that a great view is the most important thing when choosing a rooftop! This is the closest that you can get without buying a seat right there in the stadium, and of course it's worth it to do it this way because of all the extra perks, all the delicious food, and the incredible space in which to party with all your family, friends, and coworkers!

If the weather on the rooftop happens to be a little bit too heated for you, or if it's rainy or stormy, you can always retreat into the Hall of Fame Suite! That's what they call their indoor climate controlled area, which is complete with a bar, plenty of comfortable seating, and all the most delicious professionally catered food and drink that you could ever desire! This space is available anytime regardless of weather, and you can enjoy it throughout your party. There are plenty of HDTVs inside too! Of course, outside on the rooftop is where you'll probably be most of the time, enjoying that view and the comfort of their premiere elevated seating. You won't find better seating than this in the area, and you definitely won't find this combination of comfort and service anywhere else. That's why we're such big fans of Wrigleyville Rooftops.

You'll want to note that there is no minimum set for the number of guests, unless you plan an exclusive party, in which the minimum is 175. The space can hold as many as 200 guests regardless of the type of party. Some guests have asked if children are allowed, and we're happy to tell you that there is no age requirement to attend a party at any of the Wrigleyville Rooftops locations. Of course your ID will be checked if you decide to enjoy the alcoholic beverages that are for sale in the building, but you absolutely do not need to be 21 to enter the building, to watch the game, or to have a good time. All the kid in your family are welcome to come with you as long as they are well supervised, and you can even plan events for your school if you like! In regards to alcohol, note that you can't bring your own in the building, but if you traveled with Party Bus Chicago, you'll have your drinks on ice in the built-in bar on the bus waiting when you leave!

In terms of payment, you'll want to note that you must pay in full if you happen to book your party within 30 days of the game. If you have pre-planned a bit, you'll only have to pay half of the bill at first, and that's due 14 days after the contract is sent out. The rest can be paid 30 days before the event. They keep the payment process simple and as customers, we appreciate that. Best of all, you won't find yourself with tickets to lose, because you just provide them with a guest list and they check IDs at the door for admittance! It's that simple.

Many customers have asked if they can purchase a package that does not include food and drinks, and that is not an option at this time. There's nothing worse than a party full of hungry and thirsty people with nothing to satisfy them, so you'll be very glad that the food and drinks are all-inclusive! If you wonder about time of arrival and departure, just know that you can come as early as one hour before the game, and leave the building as late as thirty minutes after the game wraps up. You'll have full enjoyment of the building in the time in between!

Customers always want to know exactly what's included with their tickets, and though some companies try to separate everything so that they can charge you more money, that's never the case with Wrigleyville Rooftops. For one price you get rental of the rooftop and Hall of Fame suite for an hour before the game up to a haf hour after the game. You also get all the food and drink you'd like including wine, beer, sodas, and bottled water. And of course, the view of the game is the most important thing, and that is without a doubt what makes the ticket price worth paying for to begin with. Speaking of prices, they range from $75 to $250 at the time of this writing, with the lower prices applying for holiday specials on Easter, Mother's day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day, as well as the lower priced tickets in April, May, and September. Ticket prices tend to be a bit higher in June, July, and August, understandably.

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Wrigleyville Rooftops to you any day, and when you are ready to buy your tickets, all you've got to do is give them a call at 773.248.7663. We're also big fans of another company in the area that can help to make your game night even more spectacular, and that's Party Bus Chicago! Their sensational limo buses will make you feel like you've got a private VIP suite on the road, and having a professional chauffeur to drive up to 30 of your friends there and back means that you won't have to worry about having a designated driver! The comfort of these buses is truly supreme, and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend combining their services with those of Wrigleyville Rooftops. To reach Party Bus Chicago, just call 312.725.2871, or click here to read our full review of their company.


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