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Wrigleyville Rooftops is without a doubt one of the best companies when it comes to your best rooftop views of the Chicago Cubs games at Wrigley Field! In fact, they are the official rooftops of the Chicago Cubs. They have three different rooftops for you to choose from, located at 1032 Waveland, 3609 Sheffield, 3639 Sheffield and 3643 Sheffield. Only you can know which rooftop is best for your party, and you are doing the right thing by doing your research here first. For the most part, which rooftop you party at will depend on the game that you want to see and the availability by the time you book. The sooner you purchase your tickets, the better the availability will be! One thing's certain: You will definitely have a fantastic time at any one of these Wrigleyville Rooftops locations!

Though this article is dedicated to the 1032 Waveland Avenue location, for the most part the amenities are the same at each of their three rooftops.. You know that no matter which one you choose, you will have access to these incredible features! Of course it all begins with that amazing view of the game. There's a reason that these are the official rooftops of the Chicago Cubs! You won't find a more up close view than this without getting seats inside the stadium! And of course, getting your seats at a Wrigleyville Rooftops location means that you will have a much more upscale experience, with professional catering, comfy seating, party space, meeting space, and more!

The premiere elevated seating makes a huge difference to your comfort and your view of the game, and for those moments when you want to escape the heat (or the rain!), you can go into the Hall of Fame Suite for some climate controlled comfort at its best! Inside you will find all the HD televisions you could ever want, tons of comfortable seating for everyone in your party, and a bar where you can relax and converse while noshing on delicious food and sipping tasty drinks including beer, wine, cocktails, soft drinks, and bottled water. The professionally catered food and drinks are one of the things that we most enjoy about Wrigleyville Rooftops. You'll really feel like a VIP when you are treated to this fine level of service, and it's not a sporting experience that you'll soon forget!

There is no age limit to attend an event at Wrigleyville Rooftops, so you can bring your kids and the younger people in your family and not have to worry about that at all. Of course you must be 21 or older to drink alcoholic beverages, and you must bring valid identification to prove that you are. Please note that you may not bring your own alcoholic beverages into the game, because Wrigleyville Rooftops only has a liquor license for what they sell on the premises. We love the fact that they don't have a specific minimum booking requirement at Wrigleyville Rooftops, which is one of the benefits of choosing their company. However, to book an exclusive event (in other words to rent the entire space for your party only so that no one else can attend), there is a 175 person minimum. There is however a maximum, as each location can only hold up to 200 guests.

They do not send you tickets to the event, which we find very convenient! Instead you just fax or email your guest list a week prior to the game, and they let people in based on that list. No tickets to lose? That's one less thing to worry about! The only thing your guests will need to bring is a valid photo ID to gain admittance to the building. If you're curious about making payments, the first half of the bill is due 14 days after the contract is sent to you. The remaining balance must be paid 30 days before the event. Should you make last minute reservations within 30 days of the game, you must pay the entire bill in full at the time of booking.

Some people have asked if they can purchase seats without the food and drinks included, but at the present time they only offer an all-inclusive package. You can enter the building an hour prior to the game and you must leave thirty minutes after the game has finished. They do not allow you to have signs, banners, or advertisements on the premises, but you can hang signs in the back of the seating area if you wish, where they cannot be viewed from the field.

When you pay for your ticket to Wrigleyville Rooftops, that price includes the rental of the facility from an hour before the game to thirty minutes after the game, all your food and drinks including a great selection of beers, wines, soft drinks, and bottled water, an incredible view of the Cubs game at Wrigley Field, and of course access to their famous Hall of Fame suite for your climate controlled enjoyment rain or shine. You can rent the establishment for groups of as few as two or as many as 200! At the time of this writing, the lowest you'll typically pay for a ticket is $75 (that would usually be a special price for a holiday or a limited time offer) and the most you would pay is $250 for a special or premium game. In general the tickets are cheaper in April, May, and September, and more expensive in June, July, and August. You can sometimes get a special group rate too, so be sure to ask when you call!

Quite possibly the only thing that could make your Wrigleyville Rooftops experience even more fun is to rent party bus transportation from Party Bus Chicago! On their luxurious buses you can travel in supreme comfort, on pristine leather seats, with fiber optic and LED lighting, with built-in bars, plus HDTVs and high quality audio systems... it's like a party on the road both before and after the game, and a continuation of the great time that you have already had at Wrigleyville Rooftops! If you'd like to speak with a representative at Party Bus Chicago, you can reach them by phone at 312.725.2871, or you can go ahead and read our review of the company here. And when you are ready to purchase your tickets to Wrigleyville Rooftops at 1032 Waveland or either of their other two locations, you can call them directly at 773.248.ROOF (7663). We highly recommend both companies for your Chicago sports events!


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