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1048 Sky Lounge

1048 Waveland Avenue

1048 Sky Lounge was formerly the third location for Beyond The Ivy which has always been one our favorite companies when it comes to landing a prime seat to view the Chicago Cubs games from a Wrigleyville rooftop! The first, located at 1010 Waveland, is the largest and can accommodate 200 people. At 1048 Sky Lounge they have updated their amenities with a hip, modern lounge that provides an incredible ambiance, featuring bar style seating, a Beer Garden and Free Wi-Fi. This rooftop tends to attract a more affluent crowd that's a bit more mature than you'll find at the other locations, which can be a perk or not depending on your personal preferences. Let's talk about this amazing party spot in the skies of Wrigleyville!

Again we've got to stress that if you need to accommodate a large number of people, you'll have to opt for the 1010 Waveland location which can hold as many as 200 of your guests. However, if you need to accommodate a smaller number of guests, our favorite location has always been this one at 1048 Waveland, with its rich decor and historical feel. We really enjoy the kinds of furnishings and decor that create the ambiance here, which tend to be crafted from marble, granite, or wood. They also have incredible specials to help you save money, such as the one that they're running at the time of this review (note: this may or may not be a valid offer at the present time) for passes starting at $125.00 per game including Sox and Yankees games! Wow.

Make sure that when you attend one of the games on this Beyond the Ivy rooftop, that you take the opportunity to order some of their custom apparel and accessories! If you've got room in your budget for it, or if your friends or colleagues want to split the cost, there's no better way to show your support for the Cubs or for your favorite team than by wearing some of this great customized merchandise. The Beyond the Ivy insignia is instantly recognized anywhere that you go in Chicago, and fellow fans and customers will nod at you with respect when they note that you too have enjoyed good times on this classic rooftop! What could be better than that?

As much as we love our Cubs games, sometimes it's just as much about the food as it is about the game! And we are so happy to tell you that the meals that they serve at this Beyond the Ivy location are just out of this world. We love their delicious gourmet hamburgers and cheeseburgers, their tasty grilled chicken breast sandwiches, their BBQ pulled pork that's hickory smoked, and even their fantastic veggie burgers that they prepare upon request for their vegetarian and vegan guests. Before that wonderful main course is served, you'll enjoy appetizers of brats and sausages (Sheboygan and Italian respectively, of course!), enormous chicken wings, and tasty quesadillas. After all that you'll want to indulge in dessert, which is usually a tray of delicious gourmet brownies or freshly baked cookies. And to drink they've got all your favorite beers, wines, sodas, and bottled water. Alcohol is served thru the 7th inning.

One of the reasons that we most appreciate the Beyond the Ivy location at 1048 Waveland Avenue is its rich historical feel. People who want to attend a Cubs game at Wrigley Field tend to appreciate the older style furnishings, and this one is done in rich wood, marble, and granite so you really feel that nod to the past. They have so many historic photos lining the walls, with all the biggest memories in the Chicago Cubs history. You'll see photos of the Goat, Bartman, those familiar flags, and of course the lights of the field, and so much more. We enjoy that rich history so much, and we know you do too.

Up on their gorgeous rooftop you will enjoy one of the most incredible views in all of Wrigleyville, plus plenty of sun and shade so you can enjoy the heat or escape it when you need to (of course there's also an indoor climate controlled area that you can escape to which we'll tell you about in a moment!). The seating in this area is skybox style with bar height chairs and ledges for your drinks and food. There is space for private parties (100 minimum), and there are really elegant marble and granite restrooms for your convenience. Everything that you need is right there at your fingertips.

Within the clubhouse, the interior climate controlled area that we mentioned in the last paragraph, you will find an incredible balcony that overlooks the park, plus plenty of space for business needs, presentations, and meetings. They have several large screen high definition televisions within this space, and there is free wi-fi too so you can use your smartphone to check all the stats of the game and post your pics to your favorite social networking site. The colors within are muted and classic, just the way you like them. And of course the furnishings are understated and elegant, and very comfortable, with plenty of natural light shining throughout the area.

We very highly recommend this location to all of our readers, and we even more highly recommend that you call Party Bus Chicago (full review here!) for your travel needs, because that effectively extends your party space to the open road! You'll feel like you're in your own private VIP room, with the cozy leather seating, built-in bars and coolers, HD televisions and high quality audio systems, and more! And when you treat your friends or colleagues to that kind of experience both on the road and at Beyond the Ivy (or split the cost among them!), you can rest assured knowing that they will never forget that kind of a memorable trip! You can reach Beyond the Ivy at 847.720.7912, and you can reach Party Bus Chicago at 312.725.2871. We highly recommend both!


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